Dinner plate 9 3/4"                       .85 per plate                        Salad plate 7 1/2"

These are White in color.  The are made of tempered glass, which makes the plate durable and extra resistant to impact.

​.70 per flute

Yum Yums Catering offers over services:

TABC - Bartending Services     $125/3 hours

Kitchen Help                               $100/3 hours

Waitstaff                                     $100/3 hours

We have lots of contacts in the industry!   DJ, Lighting, Florist, Venues and Rental Companies.


Acrylic Plates, strong and sturdy

6.5" salad/dessert plates .25 per plate                               9" dinner plates are .40 per plate

14 oz tall glass                                                      8 oz high ball glass

                                                 .75 per glass